When the zombies come

Seeing the aftereffects of hurricane Katrina brought the point home to me how thin the veneer of civilization really is. Oh sure there were some who maintained their principals – but the majority of people went nuts in a very short time. We saw cops looting shoe stores, uniformed thugs tackling old women in their homes, massive looting and just general chaos.

Remember that sheep only have two speeds: graze and stampede.

Curtis at Refreshing the Tree of Liberty brings us another more contemporary example of the sheep in action. As you watch these short videos, keep in mind they are just after bargains. But energy interruptions of any sort will bring food shortages, and formerly docile Sunday-school teachers might cut your throat in order to feed their hungry kids.

Watch and learn.


MikeH. said...

WOW!!! Tell me bodies wouldn't litter the streets.


John Venlet said...

The actions of individuals in these two disparate events are very telling, peas in a pod so to speak.

Individuals who deny this are denying reality.

Anonymous said...

There is an article called Nine meals from Anarchy - you should read it. It really points how close we are to chaos on a daily basis.