A Veterans Day commentary

Today is Veterans Day. Already I have been approached by several friends and co-workers and thanked for my service. I appreciate the sentiment.

Although I never saw any combat, the fact is that was merely the luck of the draw. I joined the Marines in 1978. That was an era when there was very little prestige associated with being in the service – after all, that was only three years after the fall of South Vietnam. And Mr. Peanut sure didn’t do anything during his presidency to add to the prestige of either the armed forces or the nation in general.

But the truth is I did NOT serve for any of these commonly stated reasons:

- Educational benefits
- Job training
- Enlistment bonuses
- To pick up chicks
- To travel and see the world

I joined because:

- I wanted more than anything to be a United States Marine
- The idea of killing the enemies of The Republic appealed to me (and still does)

That’s it. Nothing more. I wrote a blank check to the US Gubmint payable up to and including my very life. Fortunately God saw fit to ensure that it was never “cashed”.

In today’s turbulent times I would still like to serve The Republic. But unfortunately I don’t believe that The Republic exists any longer. It has been subverted, slowly but surely, and the current regime is doing everything in its power to completely eradicate all traces of the nation founded by our forefathers. It is for this reason that I would no longer counsel either of my grown boys to join the service.

I hold our servicemen in highest esteem, and naturally Marines most especially. It is the most honorable profession. However, I realize now how completely possible it is to “support the troops” but not their mission.

In any event… tell the nearest Vet “Thanks”. They’ll really appreciate it.

God bless America, and God bless our servicemen and women.

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