Update on Honduras

Sickening...just sickening!


Diogenes said...

"restoration of Democracy"

NO, its the beginnings of an outright dictatorship.

And our people had a hand in it.

Sick to my stomach on this one.

Thanks for pointing it out though. They hid this one in the muck and mire.

The Other Mike S. said...

I hope their congress tells Barry and The Hildebeast (name for a punk band?) to shove it.

Honduras followed their Constitution when they fired the president. This is just more political manipulation by the Administration.

Any bets that the old prez decides to run again?

Anonymous said...

Crazy that the Administration suspended visas for people identified as supporting the coup.

MikeH. said...

If I were Barry, I suppose I'd want this story kept as quiet as possible. It might give Americans ideas, hope and the needed "spark".

Oath Keeper