Boortz is an ASS, but on this ... I agree totally

Comments by Neal Boortz

The Beltway sniper, John Allen Muhammad - a Muslim - will be executed this evening. This Islamic goon killed 10 people .. shot them all with a sniper rifle. These were completely innocent people. One was simply filling up her car at a gas station. Another was mowing his lawn.

Hopefully he won't be saved at the last minute by some appeals court. He's earned his execution .. and it will be a cause for celebration. I do have a question, though. Why lethal injection? This guy drilled a hole in the trunk of his car so that he could stick the barrel of a rifle through and kill people in cold blood; and we're going to lay him down on a gurney and slip him a Mickey?

As usual, I have a better idea. Tie him to a post in the middle of a field. Tell him that he is going to be shot through the heart ... but don't tell him when. Let the agony build. Let him stand there for hours ... perhaps days. Every once in a while someone can fire a shot from a hidden location into the dirt at his feet. Then a voice can come out of the woods: "Oops! Missed! You hold on, John, while I go get another bullet. Be right back." Finally someone can fire a shot that shatters his knee. "Damn, John! I forgot to allow for windage! Hang in there pal, need another bullet. We'll be right back to finish you off." Then, about an hour later ... the coup de gras. We could put all of this on a pay-per-view channel. I'd pay.

GR4U - I would too!

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Wyn Boniface said...

Only thing the media would get right, Bushmaster varminter AR-15, not sniper rifle. Hunting rifle for small game digging holes in your corn field, yes. MK110 KAC is a marksman rifle. Oh and they should call him a terrorist. I do remember people protesting to keep the kluckheads who dragged a boy to his death alive when their time came. I was actually amazed to see the same crowd protesting for a gangbanger to be kept alive protesting for those neo-nazi dirtbags. Then again when you lack rational thought and the rest, is it really surprising? *shrugs* I wish they would bring hanging back.