Beware roving bands of Army Psychiatrists

A man who is a devout life-long Muslim, highly educated, military officer, ethic Arab, and with orders to Iraq, goes on a shooting spree. Previously he has posted comments on the internet sympathetic to suicide bombers, and openly stated the Muslims should rise up and “resist the aggressor”.

Instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that this is a clear-cut case of a Jihadi doing his thing for Allah, the media is attempting to merely paint this man as a nutcase or someone just stridently against being deployed to a combat zone.

If I had ever taken the time to learn the poll feature here, I would post this in the form of an interactive poll. But, any liberal readers notwithstanding, I think you know what the preponderance of answers would be. So is this a case of:

1. The actions of a Muslim fundamentalist bent on Jihad

2. A man (like any other) who is grievously distressed at being ordered to war

3. The guns caused it. Without them, Hasan would have remained a mild-mannered Clark Kent type for the rest of his days.

4. He was a nut …just that…and this was simply his turn to pop a gasket.

5. ALL religions cause this crap, and we should be burning Christian churches and crucifying Billy Graham.

I’m going with door number one boys and girls.

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