Mass shooting at Ft Hood Texas - 12 dead

Seven people were killed and 20 wounded when gunmen opened fire at Fort Hood Army Base in Texas just after 3 p.m. Thursday.

One suspect was reported in custody and a second was said to be holed up in the base PX when unconfirmed reports came in of a third gunman beginning to shoot.

The gunmen were in military uniform, witnesses said.

Lt. Gen. Russell Honore, a former deputy commander at the base, told CNN two people on the base told him two gunmen carrying M-16s killed seven and wounded 12. He said one killer was in custody and another was cornered.

All available EMS units in and around Killeen, Texas, were urgently requested to respond to a "mass casualty event" at the base, local TV reported.

KCEN said the shooter had a high-powered rifle and was sniping. (This early statement has proven false. Typical of journalists who don't know a rifle from a handgun!)

UPDATE: One shooter has tentatively been identified as Army Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan.'s a safe bet he's not a Swedish sunday school teacher with a name like that!

Oh so he's an Army psychiatrist. Clearly we need to ban psychiatrists!


Wyn Boniface said...

Major Milak Nadal Hasan is one of the confirmed bad guys. I have not heard anything of rifle just dual pistols. 31 wounded now, with 12 dead. :( It seems we have been infiltrated.

Diogenes said...

"It seems we have been infiltrated."

I thought the same thing. My opinions on it are on my blog.

I think that whatever crack that the NSA was smoking when they recently said Al Queda was broken, needs to be taken away. Terrorist cells don't 'go away' once the main outfit is broken. They are like LAW missles, Fire and forget. This may have been a one man recruiting tool to infiltrate the military to accomplish something just like this event. Terrorist aren't looking for the big battle victories, they want to break the will of their enemies. This event could do that, if Obama does what they want him too.