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What (Really) Killed The Helpless US Military Victims At Ft. Hood.

First of all to say the word "helpless" in the same sentence as "US Military" is ridiculous, but there it is. Specially, if the sentence is one about the terrorism at Fort Hood, the largest military installation in the nation. The question we need to answer is who killed those American soldiers at Fort Hood. Let's see if we can answer the question without the mental disease of political correctness, or the guts-deficiency syndrome typified by the symptoms of over-tolerance, egalitarianism, and over-sensitivity.
First off, Islam killed the victims at Ft. Hood. Islam is a cult of death and violence. Its victims around the world are only at peace when they submit unconditionally to its excesses, or when they are dead. What was it that Hasan said? "We love death more than you love life". What is reasonable man to make of that? All Americans should read Robert Spencer's excellent book - The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam and the Crusades.

The message that men like Hasan send us is that the only peace-loving muslim is a "muslim in name only". Their religion demands conversion, or subjugation of the infidels. Just as there are CHINOS (Christians In Name Only) that blaspheme and sin daily, there are MINOS (Moslems In Name Only) that really don't want to hurt anyone....the problem is in knowing which is which. A Christian-in-name-only will not be a threat to society when he goes "devout". What does Hasan's example tell us about a muslim going "devout"?

Whenever I hear someone discussing "tolerance", I would ask them if a Jew could open up a Synagogue in Iran, or if Chuck Smith could hold a Christian church gathering in Syria?

No? Then WE are not the intolerant ones are we?

Secondly, the US Government killed those victims. The US Government, in its endless quest for egalitarian, feel-good, political correctness and refusal to name the enemy ignored the fact that we are in fact in a Fourth Generational War against Islam's desire to take over the world, and allowed this to happen.

Had Hasan been a devout Christian that spoke up against homosexuality in the military, he would have been summarily discharged...maybe dishonorably. Instead, as an outspoken radical muslim that kept contact with extremists, and that hated the west and infidels....questions about him were dismissed, and he was promoted and given choice assignments.

Third responsibility goes to whomever was in overall command of Ft. Hood. They are also responsible for the deaths of the victims by denying soldiers the very human right of self defense. A right, incidentally, that is recognized as soon as one leaves the gates of the fort and enters the land of Texas. What might have happened had Hasan's first intended victim been armed with an M9? How many innocents might have been saved had Hasan been shot to the ground between his "Allah Akbar" and his first shot?

That their silly regulations make no difference at all (and have never made a difference in such events anywhere or anytime) are clearly evidenced by the fact that Hasan brought his weapons on base with no problems or interference.

The last responsibility in a long chain of culpability is Hasan himself. The spear-point of a Fifth Column is alive and well, and thriving in America; allowed to thrive because of an ever-present fear by Americans of being called a racist, or intolerant. A terror shared even more intensely by every poor brow-beaten government worker in fear of their career.

Hasan was a clear and present danger to America, and he was promoted to Major instead of being summarily dismissed. Hasan was a buck that was endlessly passed, lest any of his commanding officers be thought unkind, insensitive, or horror of horrors....a racist. Hasan, a murdering, cowardly terrorist, acclaimed a hero by other terrorists, did exactly as his beliefs demanded....he successfully made war on the infidels.

Lessons learned? There won't be any. The lessons of this event are already known by any who would read this, and will be constantly ignored by those who should read it.

Get ready for the next one...Mumbai is coming.

Gabe Suarez
One Source Tactical
Suarez International USA
Christian Warrior Ministries

GR4U - For the record, the above article is a PERFECT articulation of my personal viewpoint on the topics of Ft Hood, Islam in general, and the consequences of political correctness. Absolutely Perfect!

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