A frightening future for our nation

I do not know this gentleman’s credentials. I do believe however that his worldview and mine are extremely similar. On the forum that these links lead to, he has amassed over 24,000 postings so it should be very simple for anyone so inclined to research his views.

Of late he has begun to write a series of short stories that describe how a currency collapse will look from the perspective of the average American. I’ve read them and they are chilling to say the least. I’m going to provide the links to each of his missives so that you too can become enlightened as to what I sincerely believe is the future of this once great nation.

The Day the Dollar Died by John Galt (Part I)

American Hangover (The Day the Dollar Died, Part II)

“I Have Been to the Fields of Gettysburg” (The Day the Dollar Died Part III)

Arrogance of the Gods (The Day the Dollar Died Part IV)

“A New Day of Economic Justice for All” (The Day the Dollar Died Part V)

“Pass Me the Butter and Blueberry Syrup, Please” (The Day the Dollar Died Part VI)

Security for Liberty for All (The Day The Dollar Died Part VII)

“CQ, CQ, is Anybody out there?” (The Day the Dollar Died Part VIII)

There’s Two “T’s” in Ottumwa (The Day the Dollar Died IX)

The Dented Crown and Worthless Pound (The Day the Dollar Died X)

Dawn over Amerika (The Day the Dollar Died Series)Part XI

Keep My Change? (The Day the Dollar Died Series)Part XII

Paper, Plastic, Paper, Plastic (The Day the Dollar Died Series)Part XIII

Wendy’s Shining Moment (The Day the Dollar Died Series)Part XIV

As additional parts become available, I will post links to them here.

May God have mercy on the United States of America


Kerry said...

This, When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse was the real thing. http://mises.org/resources/4016
His was just special effects.

Anonymous said...

You can find the entire series at his website filed under The Day The Dollar Died Series.

Sadly, the vast majority of Americans are nowhere close to being prepared for what's coming. It's a mathematical certainty. The only thing that isn't certain is the timing. I'd say 4 years max.

GunRights4US said...

Awww it's a LOT closer than that.