Obama's "shout out" takes precedence over news of shooting at Ft Hood

It's three minutes of campaigning and butt kissing before even the first mention of the shootings at Ft Hood.

Absolutely tasteless in my opinion!


MikeH. said...

GR, like you point out in your "KFC" post... the man is one of those left wing assholes.

I was watching yesterday when he came on tv and at first, I thought it was a tape from something earlier. When he started talking about someone having been promoted, then smiled and waved to that person off in the audience, I was sure there was no way he was there to comment about the shooting. He was just too caviler about the whole issue.

I realize the chances are probably quite slim, but should the arrogant bastard die before me, I would NOT waste my time standing in line to piss on his grave. However... I would like to have the grave side beer concession.

Oath Keeper

Anonymous said...

When I heard this last night, I thought at first that he had not been told about the shootings, then I realized once again, that it's all about HIM!

ASM826 said...

Nothing that man does surprises me. I saw this, and ignored it. It has no bearing on reality.