Sweet sweet irony!

Here’s a story about a congressman who is rousted out by the police early one morning in the hotel where he was staying. It would seem that the congressman has the same name as someone the cops were seeking.

This strikes me as absolutely hilarious!


Because it very clearly illustrates so many aspects of the ever-burgeoning police state that once was the “land of the free”: bureaucratic bungling, overbearing cops, the driver’s license as the supreme form of national ID, and the powerful surveillance system now being used NOT to track down terrorists, but to harangue everyday citizens. And the supreme irony of this story: Congressman Bobby C. Scott (D-Va.) is the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security!

I called his office this morning and left a polite, but pointed, voice mail asking him to consider how he is helping to craft a police state where once freedom reigned.


Chief Instructor said...

The ONLY way this will change is by having public officials getting harassed like normal Americans.

I'm not hopeful, though. I'll be interested to hear if he responds to your message.

Anonymous said...

What's worse is the unchecked/unbalanced power that Child Protective Services has been afforded. They have police and family court at their disposal and unless a family has a bottomless bank is nearly impossible to fight this Gestapo without losing MUCH! -Lynn