Conduct your own little tax survey

Ask the people around you if they know how much taxes they paid in 2009. I am speaking mostly of federal income tax here, but if they know the total of federal and FICA, that’s even better. Ask them if they know. You don’t have to ask them to tell you; just if they know, within a thousand dollars or so, how much taxes they paid last year.

I will bet that many will answer that they got a refund. Or in some manner they will refer to their end-of-year, balance-the-books payment or refund transaction. Even the folks who are aware that they pay taxes all year long and merely balance payments (withholding) against the total due, oftentimes will NOT know their total tax liability. Ahh the sneaky beauty of the payroll tax withholding system! Out of sight – out of mind. Just like the Imperial Federal Gubmint wants it.

Try it. Start asking around. But first – ask yourself. Do YOU know how much you paid last year?

For the record, my tax return (for a family of three), reflects taxes due for 2009 roughly equal to the total income of 2.5 families (of three each) living at the poverty level.

By God I have done MY share – and then some!


theotherryan said...

Ours is easy enough to look at on my pay stubs.

GunRights4US said...

Having it on your pay stub, and actually knowing the amount are two different things.