Misusing History - by Thomas Sowell

Why couldn't THIS be our first black president! He's got more wisdom in his big toe than Obama and his entire cabinet!

Inhumanity, like humanity, is universal.

Many years ago, I was surprised to receive a letter from an old friend, saying that she had been told that I refused to see campus visitors from Africa.

At the time, I was so bogged down with work that I had agreed to see only one visitor to the Stanford campus — and it so happens that he was from Africa. He just happened to come along when I had a little breathing room from the work I was doing in my office.

I pointed out to my friend that whoever said what she heard might just as well have said that I refused to go sky-diving with blacks — which was true, because I refused to go sky-diving with anybody, whether black, white, Asian, or whatever.

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Bitmap said...

Yes. Thomas Sowell for President and Walter E. Williams for Vice-President. That is a ticket I would vote for.

GunRights4US said...

Oh man! Don't you know it!