Do NOT support your local police, nor the state or federal ones either!

This post is for all my conservative friends who think we should always support the police no matter what. Check out the stunning frequency of police misconduct at Injustice Everywhere.

And if you haven’t heard about Will Grigg, then you should be reading his columns regularly as well over at Pro Libertate.

My views on the police are already on record here, here and here. And be sure to watch the educational videos I've posted here.


Shy Wolf said...

The local County Mounties and Policeman's Benevolent Fund send out Begging Strips for donations- they used to make phone calls till the NoCall list came out- and I usually take the window sticker they send and put it on the rear window of the car. But I don't donate. A couple times I've been stopped, the officer noted the sticker and thanked me for my contribution, sans ticketing.
So my comment is: use their charities against them without supporting them.
Also, though this one was a difficult decision for me, the local Rescue Squad does the same, with the same response from me.
OK- I admit it. I have a perverse sense of humor.

GunRights4US said...

That's a good idea. I think I'll try it.