Another state throws down the 10th amendment challenge to FEDGOV

Arizona Firearms Freedom Act Passes Both Houses!

29. Mar, 2010 Written by: Derek J. Sheriff

HB 2307, The Arizona Firearms Freedom Act, has just passed the senate with a vote of 22-8!

The proposed legislation confronts the position taken by most members of Congress that the “Commerce Clause”, found in Article I, Section 8, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, gives them nearly unlimited power to regulate anything which even remotely affects interstate commerce. This bill challenges that claim, by exempting guns manufactured in Arizona from federal regulation, as long as they are stamped “Made in Arizona” and do not leave the state.

The legislative findings contained in this bill assert Arizona’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment and the people’s unenumerated rights under the Ninth Amendment. They also emphasize the fact that when Arizona entered the union in 1912, its people did so as part of a contract between the state and the people of Arizona and the United States.

It is very likely that this Firearms Freedom bill will be signed by Governor Brewer into law. This will add Arizona to the list of states like Montana, Tennessee, South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah that are arresting the evil of Congressional Commerce Clause Abuse.

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