What people think is important

Back around the time of the Superbowl I made the observation that far too many Americans knew all about sports, but little else about current events that affect their lives.

Neal Boortz makes a similar observation about American's obcession with celibrity shenanigans. His target: Charlie Sheen

From Boortz...

In the entire Charlie Sheen saga that's been playing out over the past several weeks we really are seeing what is wrong with this country. Charlie Sheen is a drug-crazed drunk who is in the process of destroying his live while bringing down several around him. He deserves no more than a curious glance, yet he is basically the number one story in our media.

We have:

Democrats and Republicans playing grabass with each other in Washington while refusing to launch any serious attack on our spending deficit and our national debt.

A New York Congressman is under fire because he dares to hold hearings on the radicalization of Islamic youth in the United States.

NPR executive Ron Shiller is caught on tape saying that the Republican Party believes basically in a white, Christian, gun-toting America ... all the while being paid in part by taxpayer dollars.

Teacher's unions are fighting back at any public official who dares to question their power .. .and the head of one teacher's unions is saying that the solution to our education problems is to just let the teacher's unions handle the teachers and everyone else should just back off.

Gas is costing $4.00 a gallon while The Community Organizer rejects any attempts to increase exploration for oil in our country and off our shores.

The quality of American education continues to decline while we continue to spend more and more on the useless Department of Education

We're getting more details on how Obama and his sycophants cooked the books on ObamaCare to convince us that his scheme would reduce our deficit. It won't. It will increase it.

I could go on with this list for pages ... but I have some interviews to do with some of my affiliates, but you get the point. There are things going on out there that will actually have some effect on your lives - not to mention the future of your children; but America is absorbed by the meltdown of a Hollywood slob that will have no effect on anyone outside of his rancid little circle.

They say that people generally get the type of government they deserve. Sure looks like that's true.

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Anonymous said...

I'M sick of Charlie Sheen! The only real thing that can be said about him is don't do drugs or you'll end up a blithering idiot like him. Mean while we got a sorry excuse for a President that shows more respect for feign tyrants than he does whats suppose to be his own people. At least he claims to be American when he needs to. His administration attacks the Basic Christian principles America was founded up on like a rabid dog and starving Wolf needing a bone. Mean while what we have left in the way of big business in this country is so hateful and crooked they must be under Obama's protection. You know like some used to be under mob Protection!