Busted ... but still beligerent

Well I stumbled into a revenue trap yesterday.

I was driving near my home and came upon one of those silly three-way stop signs. It’s not a four way because the side street dead ends at the main thoroughfare. And from long experience of driving down this particular road, I know that the side street in question produces extremely low amounts of traffic.

So why then does it have a stop sign all its own? I am absolutely convinced that it is for the sole purpose of revenue generation.

I pull up behind another car who has stopped pretty far out into the intersection. I’m almost at the crosswalk line painted on the roadway when I come to a complete stop. The car in front of me goes, and I pull out right behind him.

That’s when I first spot PoPo who has parked back up the street a block or more. At the precise moment I spotted him, his lights come on and I know I am about to be robbed by the state!

I drove a good distance before pulling over. The street has high curbs and I’m NOT stupid enough to come to a stop in a lane of travel!

When I pull over I’ve already got my DL in hand for inspection by Herr Officer. He approaches me real gingerly, never really squaring off in front of my passenger window. Instead he chooses to remain well behind me at an extreme angle as we have our little exchange.

“Sir… I am pulling you over because you ran that stop sign back there” says the Gooberment agent.

“Well I strongly disagree with that Officer! I came to a complete halt and was in a good position to ascertain that the intersection was clear before proceeding” I sharply opined.

“Sir, you allowed no interval of time to pass before following the other car in front of you through the intersection” says the armed and badged thief.

“And I suppose that interval of time is more important to you than whether I could see my way was clear or not?” I retorted.

“Sir…it’s the law” he intoned with much gravity in his voice and demeanor.

“Fine! Go write your fookin ticket and get it over with” says I.

After an inordinate length of time, that I suspect was partly consumed by him running every check possible on me, he returned with my ticket.

When he explained the part about driving school and the possibility of avoiding the three points being added to my license I pointed out that it wasn’t the points I found so galling: “It’s the tribute to Caesar that I hate to pay!”

No reaction from the highwayman to that comment.

As he finished his scripted lie about how I could go to court and fight the charge, he handed me my ticket and my license, and without another word he turned and walked back to his GOOBER-mobile. I leaned out the truck window and with as much vitriol and spite in my voice as I could muster I said: “You are doing SUCH a fine job keeping us all safe officer!”

Oh how I despise the badge and gun toting, revenue collecting, head shaved agents of the state!


Anonymous said...

And I wonder why there is NOT a war on Law Enforcement in America.

They keep saying they think there is one. I'm saying there isn't but CERTAINLY SHOULD BE.

America was intended to be a land of LIBERTIES and NOT A land of laws!

I personally can't wait for the REAL festivities to start.

I'm fed up with this s h* t too!!

Way fed up!

Just sayin'.


Jeffersonian said...

It's armed robbery in uniform. When's the last time you heard about a cop helping anyone? That's not what cops are for, anymore.

I get nauseous just seeing a cop these days. I'm far more afraid of them, than of what they're supposed to be "protecting" me from.

Shy Wolf said...

The fact that he was standing to your rear and blind side is indicative of the fear he was displaying- the time it'd take to turn toward him with a weapon would be more than he'd need to react.
You seem to be collecting more than your share of popo attention lately- like you're getting a rep with them (undeservedly, I'm sure) and may want to watch your six a little more closely.
Any pro-gun stickers on your vehicle? Pro-Life, anything like that? (I'm sure you're not like I and dress raggedy and look pretty scrungy as well as beligerant- I look beligerant, usually aren't in action.)
As an aside, I had one HP stop me a few months ago- told me I wasn't wearing my seatbelt. DUH! I told him- I'm backing into my driveway! He'd already taken my license, done the checks, and written the ticket. All while blocking my driveway with his flash mobile.

GunRights4US said...

No stickers of any sort on my truck. And because of my job, I usually can be found in longsleeve shirt and tie.

David III said...

When I was trained as an Army MP the approach to the rear of the drivers window was part of our training, that and placing our right hand somewhere on the left rear of the vehicle in order to leave our finger prints for later evidence of contact.I agree that the majority of traffic stops are robbery and the officer who stopped you knows it as well. What really freaks them out is if you tell them your window doesn't work and open the door! LOL I was a great soldier but a piss poor Army LEO. I just couldn't bring myself to write those traffic tickets.

Mulligan said...

I have friends that are LEO's and they would help me move on a 100 degree rainy day in the middle of the night.

I have never had any LEO, in an official capacity, help me with anything, ever.

Diogenes said...

The comment about Paying tithe to Caesar prolly went right over his little mind. Can't say for certain but from the activities of most LEO's these days, extremely few of them pay any attention to history or historical reference. Most (well a few anyways) would be horrified if they realized just how closely related they are to the Brownshirts and SS.

Dennis308 said...

Next time you get a ticket like this one tell the officer to note on the ticket that you are only accepting the ticket under protest,what that means is that from the start you claim that the officer is incorrect in his/her assessment of the incident and that they maybe required to appear in court to prove that they are correct in issuing the citation.

Often they will not want to bother going to court and having to prove that they were in position to actually see what it is that they are accusing you of, this has worked for me three times in the last two years and has not failed to get me out of getting the ticket. Besides if they are in court testifying against you they're not out raising more revenue for the city,county,state.


Anonymous said...

Got the word on the teewee last night that the local PD's and HP's are starting "Operation Click" here in rural Colorado. Reckon I'll be wearing seatbelts for the next couple of weeks.