I'm gonna hurt your feelings football fans!

Okay, this is just my opinion, but after all – what’s a blog for if not to spout your opinion right?

Last night a friend and I were trying to plan a trip to our favorite rifle range, and the idea occurred to us that we should go on Superbowl Sunday. We figured that the great majority of men would be at home, firmly ensconced in the recliner, watching millionaires toss a ball around a field. Our intent of course was to have the range mostly to ourselves.

Just one problem… neither one of us knew conclusively when the Superbowl is being played!

America would not be in the mess it’s in now if her citizenry spent as much time watching the games being played in Washington, as they to do watching professional sports. Nothing done on a basketball court, football field, golf course or bowling alley is going to have a realistic effect on your life. But EVERYTHING done in Washington has immense effect on every aspect of our lives!

I’m not saying it’s wrong to watch sports or play sports. But I AM saying that if you know player stats, but you don’t know what bills are being debated on the floor of the House, then you are part of the problem.

From time immemorial, the ruling class has used bread and circuses to deflect the attention of the masses from their political shenanigans. For some folks it’s “bread”, and for others it’s “circuses”. It can be either /or, just so long as the citizenry are compelled to look elsewhere.

I refuse to be part of that.

My preferred sport is long range marksmanship. And someday – it may well come about that MY sport will have an effect on Washington and its little games. I intend to be the best that I can be on that account.

Enjoy the game y’all!


Diogenes said...

"I’m not saying it’s wrong to watch sports or play sports. But I AM saying that if you know player stats, but you don’t know what bills are being debated on the floor of the House, then you are part of the problem."

Huzzzahhh!!!!!! clover leaf in the black at 1000 yards Brother!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is this "Super Bowl" of which you speak?

I dont have anything against sports fans, but personally, I couldnt care less.

Son of Liberty said...

capitalize on the innate tribal instinct of men.... so they have an outlet for their passions and are divided along arbitrary lines.
notice how theres always SOME kindof sports season going on?

lord forbid we turn off the spout which pours the sports cool-aid.

Anonymous said...

Oh YEAH!! RANGE TIME! We have collectively allowed our minds and skills become dull and our bodies fat. Instead we can sharpen our skills to assert our birthright as Free Americans.

Shy Wolf said...

Amen- keep the citizens occupied at the colleseum watching the gladiators bleed each other while the politburo empties the coffers. Not to be snarky, but ya hit a homerun here, Sparky! ;)
Happy shooting.

Anonymous said...

I agree, and the only reason I am watching it this year is due to the wife. She is a Green Bay Packers fan. And you know the old saying, if Mom(in my case wife) isn't happy, nobody is.

So, it is foot ball, pizza and beer for me this Sunday. Atleast I'll have the latter two, seeing I kind of don't care about the first one all that much.

Blue said...

Excellent post! :)

Dennis308 said...

Don't ya mean the "STUPOR BOWL" GR I work with a bunch of Sports Fans and almost to the man know nothing that is going on in D.C. their own State Capitols not even the affairs in their places of residence. But they can tell you who won the 2001 Super Bowl, World Series. Some of them can even tell you what commercials played that year. And the worse thing of all is they don't even see what is wrong with that.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear "my thoughts" come from your mouths!I was once told by a F.B. fan that he should take my man card,for failing to watch the S.bowl,to which i replied- "YOU CAN TRY" he did not.
I to often loose patience with over the top sports fans. Resulting in a rant about how if they showed half as much support for our troops,spent half the $ they sped on shirts, flags,tickets,etc.on things our war fighters arent getting from Sam.We could be an unbeatable force that nobody would dare chalenge.But hey.. its like talkin to politicians, blank stares,no action, time wasted.
S.M.R IIIper

Anonymous said...

OUTSTANDING! I have been telling this to everyone I could get to listen for years. Being an amature student of history I have recognized our entertainment/sports venues for what they really are(bread and circuses), and sadly shake my head at those that endlessly spout stats.

For those of you out there that have kids obsessed with sport stats or TV trivia, make them be able to recite a portion fo the Declaration or Constitution for every useless stat or trivia they come up with. For every hour on the tube, computer games, social networking or X-Box, an hour studying Govt. and world and American history (the real stuff, not the politically correct pap they teach in what passes for school these days)