Subtle threat of violence?

Apparently during the recent protests in Madison, someone scattered .22 rounds around inside the capitol building. I read about it in some blog comments somewhere so I did a search. Of course I can only seem to find mention of this event on minor news sources. Imagine if this had been a Tea Party event - and ammo was found scattered around? It would be front page news on the NYT.

Clearly this is a hint of violence. The message being sent is “We’re going to start shooting.” The wonderful thing about messages like this - is that messages can be sent in both directions.


Diogenes said...

"The wonderful thing about messages like this, they can be sent in both directions."

Oh yeah! And usually end up doing just that, eventually.

Wonder when the "Zing!" messages is going to start rolling.

Dennis308 said...

This is the best they can do to hint violence? Ha! Ha! Ha!


Conservative Scalawag said...

And nothing but crickets from the media. If one single Republican Assemblymen or the Gov is injured or killed, the blood will be on the hands of those in the media's and those who called for civility after Arizona.

For they remained silent on the matter. After this incident, and all of the other uncivil signs, and you name it. A complete and obvious double standard.