Television programming is awash in the glorification of the police state

Either the typical American has a fixation with cop and lawyer shows, or TPTB think it’s expedient to fill the airwaves with fantasy bullsh*t which lionizes the enforcers, and vilifies everybody else!

I rarely watch Stupid-Vision, and this is a good example why. All these cop / investigator / lawyer shows were on at the same time as I panned thru the guide just now.

  • BONES – Federal forensics
  • LAW & ORDER – Cops, lawyers and courts, Oh My!
  • NCIS – Cop in the Navy
  • CAMPUS PD – Cops in a different setting
  • OUT OF TIME – Denzel Washington is a Florida Keys police chief
  • CASE CRACKERS – Investigators sift clues
  • OPERATION REPO – Repo men versus the dregs of society
  • MOST DARING – Cops, doors, cars, etc.
  • DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER – more scumbags and the scumbags that chase them
  • LEGALLY BLOND – The female Forrest Gump of the legal profession

Can it be possible that so many Americans are THIS caught up in glamorized cops and all things “justice”?

I fail to understand it. Tax feeders of all varieties disgust me, but none more so than the tax feeders that put on a badge and gun and LIVE to enforce the will of the rotten political class. How can people be entertained by the rise of a police state, complete with a world class propaganda machine?

I suppose it’s a measure of how effective that propaganda has been thus far.


Anonymous said...

Made about the same comment to the wife while she wasting another night in front of the idiot box. I truly think it is yet another conditioning tool in the facist toolbox to make people think it is ok for gov. stormtroopers to invade and have access to all of our selves in the lie that they can and will keep us safe. On a side note I think they are winning I am the only one awake on both sides of our families.

Diogenes said...

The simplest answer I have for you is :

Conditioning. Misdirection.

You never see the COPs having to 'bear the burden of proof'. You never see the 'scum' actually follow the Miranda rights, (IE STFU! ) Nor do you actually see anyone give a full fledged resistance to the trepidations UNLESS it fills the need for the plot line and even then, they lose, lose, lose, while the cops go 'unscathed'.

Conditioning, first and foremost.
Misdirection secondly as they NEVER allow the viewer to fully understand that the cops are out of line pretty much 90% of the time.