This is found on the White House website

On a page entitled The Constitution it says:

The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.

See anything wrong with that statement? Remember, this is on the White House's official website!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't give you anything, just affirms your God given rights.

kdzu said...

Our Creator gave us our rights. The Second Amendment only confirms that the government shall not infringe upon that right.
Of course we're talking about the white house. Control central of the Asylum on the Potomac.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I hope the 2nd amendment doesn't change it's mind. I'd sure hate to lose that RIGHT. WAR!!!!

ASM826 said...

Oh, c'mon, you need a harder question than that. Nothing in the Bill of Rights gives us anything. It takes the time to note SOME of our natural or God given rights including the right to self defense, which includes the right to keep and bear arms.

ASM826 said...

You need a harder question. The Bill of Rights does not bestow rights. The rights just are. To keep the government in check, the Founders chose to list some of the rights they deemed important.

Diogenes said...

Yes, yes I do.

The Second Amendment doesn't "give" us anything. It states that we HAVE that right above all others.

Twist the words to make further manipulation easier is the name of the game with Fascists/Socialists/and other forms of tyranny.

Good call.

Steve B said...

Hmm. Funny that the WH interpretation of the 2nd is that it "gives" the right to bear arms. Actually, the 2nd denies the government the authority to restrict the right to keep and bear arms. Big difference.

The Other Mike S. said...

No,no, no. It guarantees the right to bear arms, not grants the right.

William E Miller said...

What's it matter if it doesn't bind the States, as libs claim?

Wonder what they think of the 9th & 10th Amendments?

Any guesses? :)

- pupista! (barking mad on the right)