Lead by example bitch!

By NICOLE WINFIELD, Associated Press Writer Nicole Winfield, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 5 mins ago

ROME – Foul-mouthed comedian Sarah Silverman has a new proposal for ending world hunger: Sell the Vatican.

In a new profanity-laced monologue making the rounds on YouTube in time for U.N. World Food Day on Friday, Silverman suggests that it's time for the pope to "move out of your house that is a city" and use the proceeds to feed the world's poor.

"On an ego level alone you will be the biggest hero in the history of ever!" she said. "Sell the Vatican. Feed the world."


While I am not a Catholic, I AM a Christian. And I see this kind of nonsense as a typical anti-christian attack diatribe. If Sarah Silverman is so concerned with the world's poor, she should lead by example and immediately give her belongings to charity. I'm sure as a celebrity she makes a bundle, so why not show us all how it's done!

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Anonymous said...

I am not even a christian and I am getting sick to death of all the christian bashing.

I suspect it is partially because they realize that if they gave the Muslims (and many of us pagans) the same ration of crud, they would not live long.

So it goes.