Government mindlessness

Zero tolerance policies in schools should be renamed. Here are some suggested names for the concept of having iron-clad rules that no one is willing to interpret on a case by case basis:


You get the idea.

Here's a case of an 11 year old girl who took some empty shotgun cartridges with her to her government mandated indoctrination center (public school). The price for her lack of awareness to the PC BS that dominates those places: Suspension!

And some of the collectivist drones even have the audacity to suggest that she's lucky she wasn't expelled.

This is all because the highly paid government bureaucrats who run these places don't like to actually make decisions. They'd much rather let "policy" do all the heavy lifting. Then what the hell are we paying THEM for!!!!!

All together now... repeat after me...

More government is the answer
More government is the answer
More government is the answer
More government is the answer

Baaaa Baaaa Baaaa


Did it MY way said...

Home schooling, home schooling, home schooling. Oh I forgot that would mean parents would have to be involved in raising the kids.

They can't seem to bother getting involved in the schools that pass the stupid zero crap.

See Ya

GunRights4US said...

There's NO WAY I would allow any child of mine to go to a government programming center (public school) in this day and age!

I would STARVE if that's what it took to raise the money to pay for private schooling.

There's NOTHING even remotely resembling education going on in those places.

The Other Mike S. said...

Ya know, they actually DID interpret this case "outside of the box". Their policy specifically says it has to be live ammo. Technically, she could have brought in blanks and been within the letter of the rules. Obviously, empty shells don't even come close to violating the rules, but the principle made the decision to make an example of this gun-totin' girl.

I'd sue their ass dry if it weren't immediately overturned.

GunRights4US said...

You are correct Mike. They did indeed "go outside the box". There's a disturbing tendency among gubmint drones to do that when the matter can worked AGAINST THE CITIZEN AND FOR THE GUBMINT.

You mean she should sue in the same courts where there's already a distinct lack of justice?

Anonymous said...