Oath Keepers founder goes head to head with Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews, hard core leftist shill for the Obama administration, interviews Stewart Rhodes who founded the Oath Keepers.


Western Mass. Man said...

It's funny to watch.
Matthews just doesn't shut up long enough for an opposing view to be shown, than he drills his view over the top of his commentator.
Just one more reason why I don't watch these fools.

idahobob said...

BRAVO, Stewart!!!!

Screw Matthews and Potok. Liars and twisters of the truth.


MikeH. said...

I suppose I should watch Matthews' dog and pony show at least once every six months, so that I don't lose sight of the lengths these far left leaning disposable douche bags will go to force their pitiful attempts at mind control onto the weak and otherwise deranged members of American society.

Matthews, and the puke from the SPLC didn't accuse the Oath Keepers of being conspiracy theorists, right wing radicals or an armed militia bent on a pending revolt; they declared them as such.

Since I touched on the subject of deranged... Potok's hair appeared to have been styled by the new and improved electro-shock theropy, with each and every strand in business for itself. How can anyone take that jerkoff seriously?

A Threeper AND an Oath Keeper (#754)