Something bad that turned out okay

So here I am at the foot of an exit ramp. And some guy rams my truck in the rear-end. My first reaction was pure anger, not so much at the damage surely done to the truck, but the inconvenience of trying to get it fixed – and with hunting season’s opener just around the corner!
Imagine my shock to discover that the damage to my truck was very minimal. Since it has nearly 250,000 miles on it, I am unconcerned with appearances. After all it’s a “well used” vehicle. A quick check revealed that the tailgate was still fully functional and the load-leveler trailer hitch was entirely undamaged. In fact the hitch is what kept the damage to my truck so nil.

On the other hand the other’s guy’s car was tore all to pieces. In fact – it wasn't even drivable!

The important thing of course was that no one was hurt.

Fast forward: My phone rings and it's the insurance adjustor for the other driver’s insurance carrier. Mr. Adjustor says that if I go to the body shop and get an estimate of repair they will issue me a check to cover said repair! I’m not interested in the inconvenience of putting my truck in the shop, but I will take the check. With the tiny amount of damage I figured the repairs couldn’t possibly cost more than two or three hundred bucks.

Boy was I surprised to get an estimate of $850!!!

Now don’t you know that I immediately went by the gun shop and picked out a Remington Tactical 1100 with a sweet little 10 round magazine!

Here’s my question:

Should I write a "thank you" note to the other driver, with maybe a picture of my new toy enclosed?



Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!!! That's great!!!

Western Mass. Man said...


ASM826 said...

Ye Old Furt sent me your link. I will add you to the blogroll today. Good deal on the shotty.

Semper Fi,

The Other Mike S. said...

I had something similar happen to me about 10 years ago. A little tiny scratch to my truck.

I got $650. Had the whole truck painted by Earl Schaub for $300 and bought a Mossberg with the rest!

GunRights4US said...

The 1100 is gonna cost $325. The rest is gonna go for 00 buck and slugs.

Anonymous said...

Got rear ended by police car 4 years ago. There was no evident damage to my truck but the police car was undrivable. After 4 hours of increasingly higher ranked officers investigating the accident I was asked if I wanted the cop to get a ticket for rear ending me. I said no and just blew it off. After your story, I could just kick myself now. Oh well live and learn.
Paul in Texas

Gordon R. Durand said...

A quarter of a million miles. Wow. I once did that with a '72 Chevy--on the original engine. But I never got crunked in it.

Got crunked in my Geo Metro though. It was a twofer--one red and one blue, for $1000. So I took the red hatch and patched up the blue car (and kept the $850, of course). About a year later, driving down the freeway, I passed another Geo, a red one with a blue hatch. We just looked at each other and laughed.

William E Miller said...

In the fall of last year, a truck pulled out in front of our 1988 Delta 88 and folded the front end.

We had paid $825 for the car.

His insurance company cashed us out for about $1,900, and we bought a 1998 Chevy pickup for $1,500.

A month or so later, I had the truck parked at a gas pump during an ice storm and a gal slid her boyfriend's Bronco into my truck.

For a dented corner and a cracked grille we got over $1,700.

Wait a minute! I didn't get a free gun!

- pupista! (barking mad on the right)