A shocking portent of things to come

This all happened on the streets of Pittsburgh this week.

Watch these two videos and tell me with a straight face that we live in a free country!

Watch this one and note the mix-mash of uniforms. Are these police, military, or contractors? WTF!!!!

This reminds me for all the world of something you might see in Stalin's Russia or Mao's China.


Diogenes said...

I know that there were members of the Ohio State patrol brought in to reinforce the police that were there. There was also a swearing in of 1200 new officers the day before the summit (deputized I imagine because you know that Pittsburgh doesn't have the revenue to maintain that level of enforcement) National gaurdsmen were assigned security details of bridges and roadways leading to the summit.

Police state? I haven't had a doubt of it in years. Ask yourself how comfortable you would be to go out for a full day without I.D.; Or ask yourself how comfortable you would be telling a police officer during a routine stop to 'jag off'. Imagine the end result and consider that our grandparents didn't have this level of 'law enforcement' when they were up and coming in the world.

One thing that really ticks me off is the blatant violation of the first amendment with a cop saying " I declare this assembly to be unlawful, disperse or be arrested.' WTF? I didn't see any violence UNTIL they started arresting people.

The Other Mike S. said...

WTF? That guy that was grabbed by people in military garb and shoved into the car - what the hell was that? Where was the arrest, the reading of his rights and the rest of the "inconvenient" protocols?

I wish someone with a camera got the license plate of that car. It looked like a BMW - since when are those standard issue to the police?