Census Response Tactics 101

If you’re like me, and you are going to tell the Gubmint to pound sand when it comes to this ridiculous census, here’s something to keep in mind:

When the census taker comes to your door (because you’ve been throwing the mailed out form in the garbage repeatedly) he/she is probably going to be an ACORN member who has starry-eyed statist visions of serving The Messiah. My plan is to be disarmingly nice (initially) as I ask for some form of ID. After all, before I give out all that personal information I want to be sure I’m dealing with an honest-to-gosh representative of his Imperial Majesty!

If I get any hesitation from the census taker, while still being very nice and polite, I’ll point out ever so gently that he/she is asking for much more than just my ID; a strong implication of quid pro quo as it were.

Once I get the person’s name (and hopefully their address too) it’s my intention to do a major Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde changeover:

“You’re outta your %$#@ing mind if you think I’m going to tell you a damn thing about me and my family, or give all my personal information to a rotten government headed by a corrupt Marxist jackass from Chicago. Now get the hell off my property, and don’t come back until you’ve read and understood the US Constitution!”

Yeah yeah... I know it won't make a bit of difference. But just the thought makes me feel good.


Bitmap said...

I'll go for that.

GunRights4US said...

It occurs to me that a taunt towards the census taker may also be warranted along the lines of: "NOW I know a little about YOU too! How do like them apples!"