Building a personality cult for Obama

Even if you don't have kids in school these days, this should interest you. Obama is planning on speaking to all the school kids in America directly on September 8th. Go over to Sipsey Street and absorb what Mike has to say about this.

Of all that has happened under the Obama regime so far, this is BY FAR the most frightening thing I've seen yet!


Bitmap said...

If you have access to the children then there is no limit to the damage you can do.

GunRights4US said...

You said a mouthful!

idahobob said...

I'll say this again, All of our school aged grandchildren are home schooled.

If yer kid's are in the Goobermint controlled "schools" the onus, my friends, is on YOU.

There is more than enough info out there that shows that the so-called school systems do not even come close to educating the children, hell, a good percentage of the "graduates" cannot hardly read or even do basic math.

God has charged us, you and me, to educate our children, NOT the goobermint.

And quite frankly, I have yet to see anything that the goobermint is in charge of, that they don't just totally screw it up. Up to and including peoples lives!!


The Other Mike S. said...

They understand how the game is played. This is a long-term project for them. Get the kids indoctrinated while they're still young. Follow The Leader.

It is sickening.