And I bet you thought this was a free country

White House Seeks to Capture and Archive Citizens’ Comments on its Facebook, YouTube, MySpace Sites
Tuesday, September 01, 2009
By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer – Anyone who posts comments on the White House’s Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter pages will have their statements captured and permanently archived by the federal government, according to a plan that the White House is now seeking a contractor to carry out.

The Executive Office of the President is looking for a private contractor to capture and archive comments and information posted on social networking and new media sites where the White House has established a presence. While the Presidential Records Act (PRA) generally requires that the administration preserve information generated by the president and his staff, the White House says that in seeking to collect and preserve comments made by common citizens on social networking sites it is acting “out of an abundance of caution” to comply with the law.

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idahobob said...

Anything that you say, can and will be used against you, in a court of law or a kangaroo tribunal.