News organizations have become nothing but purveyors of propaganda

I’ve touched on it a time or two here previously, but the spin regarding guns from America, and their role in the Mexican situation continues unabated from Washington.

The lie that Mexican drug cartels get 90% of their guns from America is being repeated with the same fervency as that of a child locked in a dark bedroom at bedtime. You generally expect lies from politicians, so when Obama uses a thoroughly debunked statistic it should be no surprise. But it is very disturbing that the media who so loved playing watchdog to the Bush regime, has now become nothing but a lapdog to the current administration.

Check out this very comprehensive expose’ done by one of the members of the Buckeye Firearms Association. ABC will stop at nothing to demonize law abiding gunowners, and they’ll do whatever it takes to lend a hand with the disarming of America.

Wake up America. Your freedom is swirling down the drain. WAKE UP!!!

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Anonymous said...

As Goebbel's said, if you tell a big enough lie, loudly enough, often enough, it becomes truth.