An excerpt from Hologram of Liberty by Boston T. Party

Civic belief #1

Congress has few specific powers; all else was left to the States and to the people. Ample checks and balances protect the Republic from an oppressive federal government.

Civic belief #2

The federal government has become so powerful only because despotic officials have overstepped their strict constitutional bounds.


“The Constitution has either authorized such a government as we have, or has been powerless to prevent it.”

Lysander Spooner – No Treason (1870)


Diogenes said...

#1 is completely true as is #2.

#1 didn't fail: we did. #1 has only the power of the PEOPLE to enforce it.

Ultimately we are all to blame for it as Ultimately we will have to fix it.

My biggest concern is that the majority of this country is so coddled and pampered that we haven't a chance in hell to make it right.(porno for pyros- Pets. We will make great pets eventually if we don't strengthen our backbones soon.)

I said before that I hoped I was wrong about my predictions of what is now happening. I can only hope that I am wrong about the aforementioned issue of fixing this mess.

Benjamin said...

I've not read any of Boston's books, although I have a birthday coming up and hope to own a few. This is one of the titles a little futher down on my list, below the Gun Bible and The Police and You.

Have you read through HoL? Would you recomend it for purhchase?

GunRights4US said...

I’ve read every Boston book except Goodbye April 15th (it’s out of print).

Other than the Holy Bible as authored by God Almighty, my favorite author is Boston T. Party and everything he’s ever written. Similar to the life-changing qualities found in the Word of God, the works of BTP have the potential to turn your worldview upside down.

I’ve read Hologram of Liberty about three times now. I will probably read it three or four more times before I’m done. I most DEFINITELY recommend it! My copy is doggeared, highlighted, and margin-noted extensively. I also tend to give copies of it as gifts. (Along with B’s Gun Bible)