It's about damn time!

Ya know…I’m sorry I didn’t participate in a Tea Party somewhere. I still think the whole exercise was pointless as far as getting the Gubmint to take notice in any positive way. The Gubmint certainly took notice, but probably more along the lines of Janet Napolitano’s admission that all right-wingers are extremists and should be closely monitored (or worse).

No…I’m expressing regret at not attending a Tea Party for the simple reason that they obviously pissed off liberals everywhere! They are frothing at the mouth (as liberals are won’t to do anyway) at the idea that the grassroots of America is shaking off their stupor and bestirring themselves. And pissing off liberals and leftists appeals to the very fiber of my being!

I watched Geraldo Rivera last night in Hannity’s show. That fool (Geraldo) was beside himself with fury. I don’t know if a video of that segment is available anywhere but it was fun to watch. I also hear that Nancy Pelosi has stated flatly that the whole phenomenon was bought and paid for by rich republicans. Now the faithful Obamabots will probably buy that crap. But level headed thinking folks sure won’t! American’s are getting royally pissed at the Imperial Federal Gubmint’s looting practices.

All I can say is “It’s about damn time they began to wake up!”

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BrianF said...

"pissing off liberals and leftists appeals to the very fiber of my being!"

I like that!