Here's someone else who thinks (like me) that celebrating July 4th is pretty assinine these days.

And how exactly does the daughter of a prominant muslim family from Saudi Arabia end up married to a power hungry jew inside the Washington Beltway. This is a MUST READ today!

Speaking of the Religion of Slaughter, here is an insightful piece on exactly how far America has gone down the road toward dhimmitude.

Bear in mind dear readers (both of you) that I fear Washington far more than I fear Islam. That does NOT mean I advocate turning a blind eye toward Allah worshippers here and abroad. I just point this out as a matter of perspective.

By the way... here's the T-shirt I wore to a 4th of July gathering last night. There were several people whose facial expressions told me that they were horrified. :)

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Stephen T. McCarthy said...

That's a great T-shirt!

Here's the T-shirt I was wearing yesterday (July 4th)...


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