He's not just a liar - he is a LIE

Found this comment here, and it resonated with me:

We have a LIE in the White House. He's not just a LIAR. He's a LIE. That's why he needs a VAULT, in Hawaii, to seal his life's story away.

Raised in Indonesia til the age of 11. All those years in Muslim Schools. All those years going to Muslim Mosques. All those years kneeling on his Prayer Rug, praying to Allah. Yet, he says he's a Christian.

His School Records are still LOCKED AWAY. Who seals their School Records? Who seals their College Loan Paperwork? Their Entrance Exam? Their Medical Records? Their Transcripts and their Thesis?

"He's the smartest guy that ever lived."

Is he? Nobody knows.

"He never heard Jeremiah Wright say all those things."

Really? In 20 YEARS in the pews?

He never knew what Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were all about?

Does he know that his Science Czar - Bill Holdren - wishes, very much, that we would put STERIENTS in to the Drinking Water?

Does he know that his Medical czar - Ezekiel Emanuel - wishes that we could implement the Chinese ONE CHILD Plan?

Does he know that his FCC Chairman admires the way that Hugo Chavez shut down the Opposition on Venezuela's Airwaves, to ensure the success of "His beautiful Revolution"?

Is Obama out to fulfill "The Dreams From My Father"? The MARXIST/MUSLIM who abandoned his Wife and Child (Typical Black Man) HATED this Country and it's European/Israeli Allies, and DIED DRUNK, in a Kenyan Gutter?

Did he really go after our ALLY - Honduras - after they Constitutionally, threw out Hugo Chavez wannabe - Zelaya - for trying to stage a Putsch, after he was DENIED a referendum on eliminating that Nation's Presidential Term Limits? Did he really go after them to "SEND A MESSAGE" to Hugo Chavez, and the other FAR LEFT MARXIST REGIMES, in South America, that "They could WORK with him"?

That's what Wiki-Leaks says happened.

How is it that, a guy who's been FOCUSED LIKE A LASER BEAM on JOBS, for so many years, can be so inept at creating any? Doesn't he WANT us to have jobs?

How can a President of the United States LAUGH at the fact that his "Shovel Ready Jobs, weren't so Shovel ready, after all"?We're hurting, out here. He's yucking it up.

He tells us all that we've got to "Share in the Sacrifice, even as HIS FAMILY takes one Exotic Vacation, after another. Even as he GOLFS, while we wonder how to pay our bills. Even as HE gets ready for a LAVISH, Star Studded, nothing but the best, BIRTHDAY PARTY. Even as he jets off, once again, to FUND RAISE for more MILLION$ for his Re-Election, while every
Economic Indicator in this Country, CRASHES.

He's not just a LIE. He's the BIG LIE. And he will bring this Country down.



idahobob said...

He is the symptom of what is wrong with our country.


Ken said...

"and he will bring this country down"...sorry to correct you Brother o'mine...he has finished this country,We were brought down long ago...

...eyes wide and heads on swivel boys,won't be long before powder burns...

Blue said...

a dictator. a fraud.

Diogenes said...


I think he is representative of that 50% that WANT this. It may be failure, but in their minds, they see it as a benefit.

LIES all of it, but that is what this country courts on a daily basis: LIES. Just look at the majority of the bubblevision and all you see is lies,fictions: even (or especially) if they call it "reality".

Ya ain't alone brother, but we are far and few between. God help us all.

Joel said...

Obama isn't the problem. Obama is a symptom of the problem. I don't give a shit where he was born or what his religion is, if any. Would a Muslim put up with Jeremiah Wright for 20 years? I dunno, maybe. It doesn't matter. I don't object to him because he's from Kenya - I object to him because he's from Chicago. And currently in D.C.

Is he a statist would-be totalitarian? Yes, I think he is. Does that make him massively worse than Dubya? No. You're burning valuable mental energy getting all wound up around Obama and what-all he is or isn't. He's not the problem.

If this fella wrote this comment wants his readers to avoid kneejerk reactions to his opinion, that "typical black man" crack was not well thought-out, tactically. If it meant what it sounds like, I have no respect for his opinion anyway because we're better than that. And what the hell is a "STERIENT?"

Sparky said...

Excellent commentary and spot on with the history of this Liar and Cheat! [And I'm with Ken ...]