Book review

This wonderful book has been around for many years, but the advice it contains is absolutely outstanding. Some of us "action oriented" types might have difficulty with waiting for the "right time". Claire Wolf's book offers many different ways to channel that pent-up fury, making the "wait" more bearable.


You can buy it here


PolyKahr said...

You need to have a link to where we can purchase the book.


GunRights4US said...


Joel said...

Claire's "Freedom Outlaw Handbook" updates "Don't Shoot," as "Don't Shoot" updated "101 Ways."

Either way, a fantastic read. Good recommendation.

Sparky said...

I have a hard time with "waiting" myself. I tired of watching the parade of arrogance from both parties on TV. It's like they dream up new ways to steal our freedoms and our money every day. Thanks for the link. Looks like the book would be a good read. :)