Regarding the Casey Anthony trial and verdict

Recently I’ve been wanting to comment on the Casey Anthony acquittal, but life’s kinda hectic these days and I’ve not had an opportunity until now.

Let me start by saying that this post isn’t about a mother murdering her child, and getting away with it. It’s about the reaction of the public.

For the record, I did not watch this trial. The whole affair was absolutely repugnant to me, and I just couldn’t bear to watch the unfolding of the case. Also for the record – I believe the woman is guilty as sin.

Caylee Anthony, murdered and thrown away like so much garbage

All over America people seem to be outraged that Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering that precious little child and dumping her body like it was so much trash. I have got news for you America: Casey Anthony might have been acquitted in an earthly courtroom by jurors with room-temperature IQs, but there will come the day when she faces an all-knowing, all-seeing judge. And her sentence will be just in every sense of the word. She has not escaped justice – she has merely deferred it. So for that reason, I can’t get too worked up about justice being done.

My real point is the reaction of the American public to this verdict. I hear that death threats are coming thick and fast against any juror that can be identified. Presumably people are angry that a child was murdered and the killer got off scot-free. Now Casey Anthony owed a duty to her daughter to love and protect her, and clearly she was an epic failure on that account. But Casey Anthony (and her brain-dead jurors) owed nothing to society at large.

Our elected officials at every level most certainly DO owe us a minimal degree of fidelity to the Constitution and to our laws, and they owe the American people honest stewardship of our economy, our border, our culture, and our sovereignty. Is it not clear that they are failing on ALL of these accounts? And is it not equally clear that generations of American children are being condemned to poverty, ignorance, shorter life spans, political oppression, and generally a reduced standard of living by every conceivable measure? That Americans are stomping mad over one murdered child – yet at the same time are so complacent over millions of children – just boggles my mind!

Little Isabelle - my precious granddaughter

Where is the outrage America? Why aren’t indignant Americans holding their elected officials to account? In fact – why aren’t millions of people marching on state capitals and the national capital with torches and pitchforks right now? I think about 98% of politicians of both parties need to be at least tarred and feathered and run out of office; at the very least! And most politicians are probably so egregiously guilty of violating their oath that they ought to be decorating light poles and feeding the buzzards.

Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!