The politicians that instituted this system are all long dead

Walter E. Williams very succinctly defines the problem, and why only a complete system crash will force a course change. Here's just a snippet:

Everyone who receives government largesse and special favors deems his needs as vital, deserving, proper and in the national interest. It is entirely unreasonable to expect a politician to honor and obey our Constitution and in the process commit political suicide. What's even worse for our nation is that voters ousting a politician who'd refuse to bring, say, aid to higher education back to his constituents is perfectly rational. If, for example, he's a Virginia politician and doesn't bring higher education grants back to his constituents, it doesn't mean Virginian taxpayers will pay a lower income tax. All that it means is that Marylanders will get the money instead. Once legalized theft begins, it pays for everyone to participate. Those who don't will be losers.

Got food, water and ammo? You sure better!

h/t to WRSA


Ken said...

...yep,those who rob from peter,to pay paul,can always count on the support of paul...

Diogenes said...

Once a politician figures out how to bribe the people with their own money,,,,

Seems that was a lesson learned back in the thirties and has only been polished up to make it look prettier since.

There was only on thing on your list missing: Brothers in Arms. Gonna need backup in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the modern form of progressive and Keynesian government we have started at the turn of the century. So, yes, it has been around for a long time. And frankly the sheep we have for citizens have become accustom to it as the norm.

Even though, those who read history, and know what freedom is have not, and will not become accustom to it.

So to your last question, yes I have guns,goods,and gold stocked up.