On dealings with Cops

I was reading Diogenes’ blog where he tells of a little incident he had with Po Po recently. It got me to thinking of run in’s I’ve had with them.

Once I made my own little entrance ramp onto the freeway by driving up an embankment. There was no traffic coming so it wasn’t like I endangered anyone. Then I put the pedal down and hauled ass.

A little ways down the road I was pulled over by a local cop. He started out as truly one of the more professional officers I’ve ever met. He pointed out that he could have written me up for driving me the embankment, doing over 85 in a 65 mph zone, and not wearing a seatbelt. I was polite and respectful and it resulted in only a speeding ticket for 74 in a 65.

When Officer Nicely handed me my license back I opened my wallet in front of him to put it back, and that’s when he noticed my CWP.

His whole demeanor changed instantly.

I swear to you dear reader that I am not exaggerating here. He took a step back, placed one hand on his pistol and sternly demanded to know if I was armed. His face had lost the friendly smile it had only moments before. This being some years ago, and before I developed the habit of carrying 24/7, I told him “No sir… it’s in the truck”.

He asked to see my CWP and I produced it for him. He scrutinized it closely as I stood there quietly thinking how ridiculous this all was. Then he handed it back to me and proceeded to lecture me on the necessity to always and immediately identify myself as a CWP holder upon any contact with LEO.

Now I’ve made myself thoroughly knowledgeable of Florida statutes, and there is no such requirement. Neither is a CWP even required for a firearm to be in an automobile. But I didn’t argue. Instead I was flabbergasted at how quickly the cop’s whole attitude had done a 180 the moment he discovered I was an armed man.

When the GOOBERment fears the citizen, it’s Liberty.


Craig said...

Let me guess, Tampa area po po? Never have had that problem here on the right coast (yet). But you never know. One of our club firearms safety class instructors is a retired city police sargent and the stories he tells of the ignorance and arrogance of our local cop shop can really raise the blood pressure of any liberty minded person.

GunRights4US said...

Jacksonville actually

John Venlet said...


Interestingly enough, here in Michigan, being in possession of a CWP (here the acronym is CCW) may "protect" you from receiving a ticket.

Cruising down the highway one day with one of my brothers (I was riding shotgun), at a rate of speed beyond what was posted, we were pulled over by a state cop.

In MI, if you have a CCW and are pulled over, you are supposed to inform the cop of such fact, which my brother did when the cop approached the car. Me, I kept nice and quiet, as I was carrying also, but without the "favor" of the state.

Anyway, the cop took my brother's license and CCW, asked if he was carrying, to which my brother replied "yes," and then at the cop's request displayed his "proper" carry method.

Anyway, the cop went back to his cruiser with my brother's driver's license and CCW, vehicle registration and insurance info, messed around with his computer a bit, chatted some individual up on his radio, and then returned to my brother's vehicle.

When he stooped to speak with my brother, he handed back all his documents, told him to drive a bit slower and wished us a good day and that was that.

This has also occurred when another of my brothers, also properly CCW'd, was pulled over for speeding, and the same has occurred with a couple other individuals I know.

Interesting juxtaposition to your experience.

John Venlet said...


Hey, I note that I addressed my comment to Newbius, rather than to you. My mistake. If you would, could you please correct my error? I stopped here right after stopping at Newbuis', thus my error. Thank you.

GunRights4US said...

John if there's a way to edit the contents of a comment, I'm unware of it.

No big deal. In fact - I hadn't even noticed. I was more attentive to your experience as you related it.

Dennis308 said...

GR there are a few (maybe too few) LEO's First Responders that have not forgoten that they are also Citizens, and some are Citizens First.
I was Armed with gun in hand searching for a Illegal on the property of a friend in the company of a CBP Agent, I believe he was glad that I had his Back.