Stabbing our friends in the back!

Undermining Allies

By Thomas Sowell (Archive) · Tuesday, February 8, 2011

While everyone's attention seems to be focused on the crisis in Egypt, a bombshell revelation about the administration's foreign policy in Europe has largely gone unnoticed.

The British newspaper The Telegraph has reported that part of the price which President Obama paid to get Russia to sign the START treaty, limiting nuclear arms, was revealing to the Russians the hitherto secret size of the British nuclear arsenal. This information came from the latest WikiLeaks documents.

To betray vital military secrets of this country's oldest, most steadfast and most powerful ally, behind the back of the British government, is something that should set off alarm bells. Following in the wake of earlier betrayals of prior American commitments to put a nuclear shield in Eastern Europe, and the undermining of Israel and calculated insults to its prime minister, this pattern raises serious, and perhaps almost unthinkable, questions about the Obama administration's foreign policy.

Read the rest if this disturbing article here.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the British should promptly increase the size of their nuclear arsenal. This would have the benefits of
1) coming to terms that the US, under its current government, is not a reliable ally,
2) undermining the estimates of the size of the arsenal by changing it, and
3) making Barack Hussein "Peace Prize" Obama look like the nefarious idiot he is.

Also they should eject the US Ambassador.

GunRights4US said...

Formerly Great Britain will muster the will power to do NONE of those things. But be that as it may, it doesn't give us the license to toss them under the bus to Ruskies.

Ken said...

...hmmm,begining stages of a nuke strike in europe(small yeild,hailed as accident,of course...?)...mass casualty event there,sink the island,sends precedence to NWO,blame a "terrorist",then it's martial law,blah blah blah...they're steppin'up the game 'fellas',hope you are too...the puppet masters can't have damage to the three industrious powers,russia,china and us(but not for long? industry is almost gone already)...