Reasons why Islam is so misunderstood by the typical Westerner

I frequently encounter people who are absolutely convinced that the biggest threat to America is Islam. These folks are typically very supportive of the Patriot Act and an aggressive approach to fighting the War on Terror.

Just as frequently, I come across folks who poo poo Islam as no threat at all, and the biggest threat to our lifestyle is some form of Liberalism, Socialism, Democrats, Entitlement Crowd, or the US Gubmint in general (choose your preferred internal threat).

My view is a mix of these two positions. I see both Osama (and his fellow goat-boinkers) and Obama (and HIS leftist fellow travelers) as threats to all that I hold dear. And while I will readily admit that I view Obama as the more immediate threat, I fully understand that in the age of WMDs, it is decidedly foolish to dismiss muslims as mere camel jockeys and sand monkeys. For all they lack in know-how, they make up for in motivation! Furthermore, they have a world-class public relations department, and with the assistance of the aforementioned Internal Threat, the towel heads are making real inroads into our culture.

So BOTH threats are real, and both are aiding to erode our lifestyle, our liberties, and our nation.
I came across this excellent list of reasons why the garden-variety Westerner has trouble understanding why Islam poses such a challenge.

Read it, understand it, share it.

Hat tip to Old Jarhead for bringing this to my attention!

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