Organizations funded by George Soros; they're working hard to erase America

For many years I have used the analogy of 'a tick which threatens to engulf the dog' as a perfect description of the US Gubmint.

Now here’re the fleas, that aid the tick, in killing the hound named Republic

You should be acutely aware that these fleas are funded by a man who believes America is the biggest obstacle to the one world government he desperately strives for.

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MikeH. said...

Unfortunately, there are too many folks who will reject the idea that one man, regardless of his billions, could cause so much havoc against America. And they will call it a conspiracy theory. For Soros, that's the mark of a great puppet master.

I certainly hope he doesn't live to see his life's dream pay off, considering his age. But then, I certainly wouldn't be upset if someone gave him a 148 grain cranial suppository to help him forgo the degradation of geriatric incontinence. .)