Is this TSA crackdown payback for the election?

I have to admit that this had not occurred to me prior to reading this comment to a blog elsewhere:

When [are] you all going to realize these pat downs are our (the American people's) punishment for the 'shelackin' (Obama's word) we gave Obama on Nov 2nd? This is Obama's revenge. When did the 'enhanced' security measures kick in? Nov 1st, a day before the election that everyone knew would be a bad day for Obama. Also notice in today’s news Velma Hart, the woman who stood up and told BO that she was tired of defending him has been laid off from her gov't job. I don't think this is all a coincidence. This is a very angry man-child we have for a president. The next 2 years will be a bumpy ride.

To accept this as a possibility one must simply buy into two basic truths:

First – our government is capable of any dirty trick imaginable! Haven’t they already proven that time and time again?

Second – Obama is personally a very hateful and vindictive man. He has proven this repeatedly as well. You merely have to read either of "his" two books to discover the vitriol this man has in his heart.

The collectivist leadership personified by the likes of Obama, Napolitano, Reid, Pelosi et al, are all absolutely committed to the idea that THEY know what’s best for America. And the American people’s wishes on any issue are utterly ignored; think Obamacare here – the nation said NO resoundingly, but via backroom deals, arm-twisting and no doubt other dirty tricks, that legislation was forced upon us. Now add a generous dose of Obama’s petulance and vindictiveness, and I think the idea of payback for the election’s results is not outside the realm of possibility at all.

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Toaster 802 said...

It is my understanding that the TSA thugs have wanted the porno scanners and patdowns since the fall. If they started this crap in September or October, How many demo-rats would have got re-elected, and how many repubs would have run on stopping the molestation?

Exactly. But it is payback also.

Maybe it's time to start paying it forward.