John Galt's solution to the tyranny of the TSA

The Solution to TSA Groping and Scanning

By John Galt
November 16, 2010

The story of John Tyner has proven to be another black eye for bureaucrats nationwide and a reinforcement of the warnings after September 11th that hiring burger flippers to handle security positions would end in a disaster. The disaster in this case though is not a terrorist attack or threat thereof, but another abrogation of that damned piece of paper behind the glass which used to be the basis for the rule of law inside the United States. Tonight on my radio show I discussed a solution, a brilliant one I might add, as proposed by my charming wife during a conversation we had earlier.

The presumption behind a pat down and grope your groin search is that you, the passenger, are guilty of hiding something. The same philosophy or idea can be applied to the full body scanner which pilots are objecting to now due to the invasion of privacy. Thus the premise that you are guilty before being declared innocent and allowed to proceed is the methodology used by the TSA which is a direct violation of the concept of Due Process.

Thus if you are flying a simple solution. These cards can be typed up or written up on an index card or feel free to print this screen and hand it to your grope happy TSA agent when you fly:

If you are going to be treated like a criminal, politely ask the officer two questions:

1. Are you a law enforcement officer?

2. If so, are you willing to abide and uphold the Constitution as per the oath you have sworn to uphold?

Presuming both questions are answered “yes” then per the Supreme Court ruling of Miranda v. Arizona you wish for your rights to be read to you as per the card above, in the event that a violation to your Constitutional right of due process is incurred by the actions of the TSA officer.

No guarantees you’ll get on your flight, but in my non-legal non-binding opinion, this might hold water in a court of law since there has been no warrant issued nor reasonable causation for such a search to take place. In other words demand to be Mirandized every time you are pulled out of the line for the body scanner or gropefest inspection. If that doesn’t work, just remember the Stasi had other methods to force its citizens to cooperate also.

In the mean time, I’ll continue my course of action by persuading others not to fly and hoping that once two or three major carriers go bankrupt, again, that perhaps they just might figure this out and the EL AL security solution might finally be adopted to put an end to this insanity.

GR4US: What we Americans endure at airports these days is surely causing the corpses of men like Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry to spin like tops in their graves.

Even a moment's worth of dispassionate and objective review should reveal that what masquerades as "security" is nothing more than security theater! And if you doubt me, be sure to follow that link AND then review some of the sheeple's comments found anywhere there's an internet debate about current TSA practices. Time and again you will read some variation of: It makes me feel safer.

Well hell! I feel safer carrying my .40 wherever I go too. But they're not going to let me fly with it. But maybe therein lies the real solution to this Liberty-stealing mess.


Son of Liberty said...

before you go through the scanners



Bitmap said...

The purpose of airport "security" is not to make anyone secure. The purpose of airport "security" is to make sheeple feel secure.

Conservative Scalawag said...

Frankly I think Ragnar Danneskjöld
would have a better respone to this.