When no one can tell you what to do

I happened to be heading south on I-95 yesterday. As usual, I was violating the posted speed limits, and consequently I had my eyes pealed for the state’s agents of revenue collection.

There are sections of the interstate where the highway’s designers purposely widened the medians and allowed patches of woods to remain. The only apparent purpose that I can see for these wooded medians is that they provide excellent concealment for the state sanctioned liberty thieves as they position themselves to shake down … er … apprehend evil criminals who thumb their nose at the arbitrary speed limits imposed by gubmint bureaucrats.

As I passed along one such area, I spotted a uniformed government enforcer, who was within the traffic up in front of me, peal away and drive down into a median clearing. The spot showed ample evidence of being heavily used as an ambuscade for rousting travelers and separating them from the fruits of their labor.

The gubmint’s revenue bitch was apparently returning from a successful shakedown …er … traffic stop, and the thrill of it had not completely waned within him. He felt compelled to spin his cruiser in a tight little doughnut there in the middle of the clearing as he repositioned himself for the next victim … er… criminal.

It must be nice when you know you are above all the laws and regulations that the average citizen must rigidly adhere to - lest the state send in the black-masked, dog killers to set them aright.


Son of Liberty said...

Whatever you do..... dont pull of into the woods next to one while he is in his ambush position and ask for directions. Especially if it is only a two lane country highway, and more especially if you are on fumes and need to know where the nearest gas station is urgently.

Ask me how I know.

threats of jail, how you are endangering public safety, and a lecture on how THEY are the only ones allowed to drive there on the people's grass will follow.

I probably cought him "polishing his badge"

or perhaps he was intimidated at the size and offroad nature of my jeep which was much capable of safely traversing the 6 feet of public land than his cruiser. Im sure he didnt like having to look up to conversate with me either.

GunRights4US said...

Hey SOL... don't you realize that ONLY THEY have been trained in the complex techniques used for entering and exiting high speed traffic without the benefit of a ramp? Clearly you took your life in greasy-fingered hands by doing so. The ENFORCER was being very magnanimous in allowing you to escape unpunished.

Son of Liberty said...

the funny thing is, i was on my way to the shooting range near here which is named after a famous indian chief.....

he would have shit himself had he known the amount of frightening/evil assault weapons and copious levels of ammunition being lawfully owned and transported right under his nose.

they woulda hung me for that im sure.

SoL out-