For all you law & order types that support your local sheriff

The website Injustice Everywhere is something you ought to take a look at.

Hopefully it's helping open people's eyes to the fact that the standing army the founders feared - is here among us already.

They carry badges!

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Anonymous said...

Took a look at it,and thanks for sharing.

This is something I've been screaming or discussing for years.

The slow militarization of our police. And the encourchment of the military in law enforcement.

People need to stand up to their city counciles or country commissions to demand an end to this.

The police don't need tanks and machine guns - those are military weapons of war. They are designed to do one thing, kill.

Where the job of the police is to keep the peace and up hold the rights of the citizens. Not to terrorize them.

The county sheriff, for the most part does a great job of just that, up holding the laws and protecting the rights of the people.