Read ANYTHING by this guy!

I’ve read Thomas DiLorenzo’s book, Hamilton’s Curse, and it’s excellent. Now I suppose I need to read The Real Lincoln as well, in order to undo the government school programming foisted off on me as a kid. As a Southerner I’ve long known that much of what passes for history these days is utter balderdash, but it never hurts to remove the garbage that's been placed in your skull by statist propagandists. Just be sure to replace it with something worthwhile!

But I digress…

Here’s a wonderful essay he published on LewRockwell.com that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. And if you still need an enticement to go further, well …here ya go…

For more than seventy years, Americans have lived under a judicial dictatorship that rubber-stamps all expansions of federal power, no matter how at odds they may be with the Constitution itself. The body of "constitutional law" that has developed during this time is nothing more than a bundle of tongue-twisting legalese designed to subvert and destroy any lasting vestiges of constitutional limitations on the powers of the central state.

In short, the government in Washington, D.C. has not been a government by consent since 1865. In response to the declaration by American citizens residing in the Southern states in 1860–61 that they no longer consented to being governed by Washington, D.C., the U.S. government waged war on the entire civilian population of the South, killing some 350,000 fellow American citizens, which is more Americans than died in all other wars combined. This number includes at least 50,000 civilians. On top of that, Southern cities and towns were burned to the ground, bombed, and plundered. The plundering continued for a decade after the war during the laughingly named "reconstruction" period.

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