A brilliant summary of all that's going wrong in America

I wish I could claim credit for this. But it's actually from Neal Boortz.

• Look into the Social Security Trust Fund. Does is really exist? Social Security benefits now exceed the amount collected in Social Security taxes. If there is no money in the Trust Fund, where will the money come from to pay these benefits?

• China seems to be running into a little snag with their economy. Soon they might not be in the mood to buy any foreign debt. When that happens (when, not if) who will se sell our bonds too? At what interest rate?

• Here's a simple task. Try to find someone who can explain to you how we will be able to afford to pay Social Security and Medicare benefits ... together with ObamaCare ... in, say, ten years.

• The United States has the second-highest corporate income tax in the world - second to Japan. Ask some businessmen to explain how this helps create much-needed jobs.

• Virtually all of the personal income taxes in the United States are paid by just 47% of those who actually have income. This means that about 53% of the people are getting a free ride. Jobs and economic growth come from the 47%, not the 53%. What does this tell you about America's future?

• Speaking of America's future: The life-expectancy of a representative government based on the rule of law with personal and economic liberty is right around 200 years. We're about three decades beyond our life expectancy. Try to explain why we're bulletproof and our system of government simply cannot collapse under regulatory and debt load.

• If two fat Asian women wearing traditional Japanese garb robbed a bank, try to explain how police would catch these two without profiling. Would the "BOLO" alert simply say "Be on the lookout for two people who robbed a bank ....... ?"

• Study the 10th Amendment to our Constitution. Then try to find one politician in Washington who actually tries to govern in accordance with these instructions from our founding fathers.

• Are you watching what's happening in Greece? Do you know that the European Union and the International Monetary Fund have just approved a ONE TRILLION dollar bailout fund for countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain and others? Oh, you did? Well ... did you know that American taxpayers are on the hook for $50 billion of those dollars in that bailout fund? Just where is that money going to come from?

• Do you have health insurance through your employer? Well, isn't that special. Are you aware that some of America's largest employers are considering dropping their employee health benefits as ObamaCare goes into effect? Why? Because they get rid of a massive headache. Besides, it would be cheaper for them just to pay the penalty to the government rather than pay for all of those expensive health plans. Reconcile this with Obama's promise that you would be able to keep your health insurance plan if you liked it.

• A little reading of history will show you that despots and tyrants know that they must control the flow of information if they are to maintain power. In recent days your President has been telling graduates that all of this information is "putting pressure" on them and "our democracy." Obama's FCC has also made moves to control the Internet. Is there any reason to believe that Obama has a problem with the free flow of information in our society?

• A wager earner pays $5000 in income taxes. He needs that money to bring his mortgage current and to pay for some medical expenses. Instead the money is given to a puppet theatre to build some new puppets and scenery. Do you have a problem with that?

• Do illegal immigrants in the Southwest United States believe that they are there illegally? Do you realize that 58% of the people in Mexico are of the opinion that the Southwestern United States actually belongs to Mexico and not to the United States?

• Our borders with Mexico are still wide open. List the reasons why politicians might not want to stem the flood of illegals into the United States.

• Try to figure out why a school system owned by the government, operated by the government and staffed by government employees would NOT teach your children that government is the answer to all of their problems.

• Do some research to figure out where the jobs come from. You'll find that almost all new private sector jobs ... as much as 80% ... come from small businesses, not corporations. The owners of these small businesses report their income on their personal income tax returns. They aren't hiring. Study the situation and try to figure out why they're sitting on the sidelines. Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that they're scared s#!tless about all of the regulations and tax increases Obama has in store for them?

• Considering the fact that we have a president who has called the private sector "the enemy;" a president who clearly does not favor the concept of free enterprise and capitalism ... is there the slightest chance that this president might be engaged in an intentional effort to destroy or cripple our free market economy so that he can replace it with a centrally-planned economy more to his liking? Even the SLIGHTEST chance?

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Chief Instructor said...

Yep, in addition to SSI, Medicare and Obamacare, we'll get to add Kerry's Cap and Trade BS, and they'll probably find time to work a VAT into the deal as well.

Cover your ASSets...