OBlahBlah will attend graduation at Kalamazoo High School

I guess the plan is for The Prez to shake the hand of each and every graduating senior. Ahhh but there's a caveat. Each student must submit the following information to the Secret Service:

* Date of birth
* Social Security Number
* Status of citizenship

This is so that a background check can be performed on each and every one of them!

Two things leap to my mind here. First, it occurs to me that it's a good thing they didn't demand a birth certificate! Obongo himself couldn't (or wouldn't) comply with THAT! And secondly, isn't there a big ruckus currently over Arizona new law requiring the same sort of information on their residents? It's law that Obongo's own AG, Eric Holder, has denounced as "unconstitutional". But I guess our Dear Leader's wellbeing trumps all that.


Bitmap said...

I'm glad I've never had that "honor". I think I would have skipped the ceremony.

idahobob said...

I hope that everyone there takes extra shoes to throw at Barry!

Being a Muslim, he should be able to get the message!


GunRights4US said...

Actually they're a bunch of Obamabots there apparently, from all that I've read. They're all excited that the Dear Leader is going to descend from on high to rub elbows with the unwashed masses.