Whose freedoms are our armed forces defending? Not mine!

I found this at "who's your nanny", a blog I frequent. Brutus makes a compelling point - namely that we routinely give honor to our servicemen and women for "protecting our freedoms", but in case you hadn't noticed lately our freedoms have become as rare as whores in Sunday School!

I have to admit, as a former Marine, making ANY criticism for our military comes hard for me. But if you a) keep it firmly in mind that the US government is NOT America, and b) that we have all been fed a steady diet of Kool Aide for many years, then it's slightly easier to call a spade a spade.

Please read:

Dear Soldiers, I'll Honor Your Sacrifices When You Actually Defend Our Freedom

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Chief Instructor said...

You hit the nail on the head, brother. The US government is NOT America. America is an ideal that I try to follow. It's a set of beliefs and codes of honor that are being watered down or dismissed by many as "old fashioned" and out of sync with modern times.

Ideals and honor are never out of style in my book.