On burning the Koran

I’ve devoted all of five minutes thought to this business of some little church in Gainesville burning Korans. Let me share with you now my profound conclusions.

I wish this was being done by ANY ONE other than an ostensibly Christian group. Burning Korans doesn’t perturb me in the least. I wouldn’t be bothered to hear that Roosevelt had ordered the burning of all copies of Mein Kampf either! If I ever had any sensitivities where Islam was concerned (and trust me – I didn’t!) they were completely burned and crushed on 091101. However it does bother me when Christians enter the world of politics so plainly wearing the mantle of Christians. What an individual Christian does is not what I’m referring to here. I am referring to the actions of a pastor or a church in the arena of current politics. That simply was not included in Christ’s commission as stated to the Apostles.

The role of the church is to concern itself with the welfare of men’s souls – period. No other, feed the poor, clothe the naked form of social justice is included in the Great Commission. Spreading the gospel is what that pastor and his flock should be devoting themselves to. And if they feel a special burden in their hearts for muslims, then by all means they should seek them out and bear witness to them of the redeeming power of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. Just leave the book burning and the provocation of Islam to those of us more concerned with such temporal matters.

As for the Koran and Islam in general, this entire brouhaha should teach us two important lessons.

One: Islam is feared and SHOULD be feared, because of it’s propensity for the slaughter of innocents. When’s the last time you saw Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, or Hindus riot and murder over slights levied against their respective deities? Only the worshippers of the grand child molester Mohammed and his devil-God Allah are still mired in the middle ages on women’s rights, crime and punishment, and international diplomacy. And I owe them no respect because they render no respect to the faiths of others.

Their entire belief system revolves around control and submission, lies and destruction, conquest and slaughter. The closer a practicing muslim gets to the fundamentals of his “faith”, the more likely he is to kill you – and your family.

The other important lesson to be learned from this incident is that the US Government is completely cowed and intimidated by the Islamic world. Fear of the reaction has spawned weak knees and weak bladders in the White House and the Pentagon. Petraeus’s public comment had the effect of removing all doubt on the muslim street that all the years of conflict and violence has brought the reward of seeing America quiver and quake in its boots. The general’s opening of his mouth did far more damage than some obscure Southern preacher could have ever done – regardless of how many Korans he burned!

By the way... this is not a freedom of religion issue where Islam is concerned. I don't see Islam as a religion. It is much more accurate to describe it as a political system masquerading as a religion.

Final thoughts: if it wasn’t hunting season’s opening weekend, I might take a ride down there and witness first hand the book burn. I have no doubt there will be trouble, and I have no doubt who will cause it.

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Anonymous said...

I won't burn a copy of the Qur'an Saturday, but I will put a 5.56 round from my AR15 Freedom Rifle through it. (I'd use the M14 but I'm in the midst of rebarreling it).