My my how times have changed


Anonymous said...

As stated in F.A. Hayeks book "Road to Serfdom" we are nothing more than entertained and well fed.

And, that is the reason for the apathy of American citizens today. That is if you can still call meany citizens, seeing they act more like subjects - who just want to be taken care of. So they won't have to make the hard decisions of taking care of themselfs, or the responsiblity of it either.

Man, I am kind of a combo of both depressed and ticked off now.

Chief Instructor said...

It really is sad. Keep 'em fat, dumb and happy, and most American's couldn't care less. Just keep that gravy train chuggin' along...

Dennis308 said...

This is a REPUBLIC. Is it not? The Rule of Law Applies to The Government even MORE so than any individual. Because the Rule of Law (COTUS) makes That Government Legitimate or Not.

So is it that The Constitution has Failed the People of the United States or is it maybe that we The People have Failed the Constitution.

It was Benjamin Franklin that said upon exiting the Continental Convention when asked by a Lady outside the convention as to what they had given us he replied,

¨A Republic,Madam If You Can Keep it.¨

It was with These Words that whose Duty it was to Protect What are Defined. If we and our forefathers before us have not Fought for their Rights and Liberty as described in the Constitution then I ask You Who or What has Failed to Protect the Other.